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Video: Blasting away a sensor’s Bayer array with a laser and constructing a DIY Raspberry Pi spectrometer: Digital Images Evaluation

Les Wright of the YouTube channel Les’ Lab has discovered find out how to take away the Bayer filter from a Raspberry Pi digicam. By doing so, Les expanded the sensitivity of the CCD picture sensor to be used in a Raspberry Pi-based spectrometer. A spectrometer is an instrument used to investigate the property of sunshine as a perform of its wavelength or frequency.

A Bayer array, or Bayer filter, is an array of many tiny colour filters that cowl a picture sensor to permit it to render colour data. With out this filter, a picture sensor captures extra wavelengths of sunshine however can not precisely render the colour data folks usually need from a digital digicam.

Eradicating the Bayer filter is not any small job. The picture sensor has a variety of delicate circuitry, so eradicating the filter via brute drive damages the sensor. Les and others have additionally tried chemical solvents like brake fluid and paint stripper. These strategies have been ineffective. Les finally leveraged his expertise with lasers and used a nitrogen laser to burn off the Bayer filter.

Les constructed a rig that scans the laser throughout the sensor utilizing stepper motors. Les describes the rig as one thing like a CNC machine. Within the video under, you possibly can see close-up footage of the method, which seems very cool and is an fascinating have a look at a picture sensor.

With the Bayer filter lasered off, Les plugged his improved digicam into his do-it-yourself spectrometer and examined it outdoors. The spectrometer can now see additional into infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. It may well even detect Fraunhofer traces, that are dips within the Solar’s spectrum as a result of absorption of molecules within the environment.

It is a very cool DIY undertaking, and the result’s fascinating. Should you like this form of content material, you’ll want to subscribe to Les’ Labs.

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