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WEKEFON Pull Up Assist Bands 5-170lbs Thicker Heavy Duty Exercise Resistance Bands for Workout Body Stretch, Powerlifting, Training, Gyms, Crossfit Mobility Home Fitness Assistance Band – Set of 5

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Product Description

pull up assist bandpull up assist band


Green: 81.9 x 0.4 x 0.2 inch/3.4 oz/5-30 lbs

Blue: 81.9 x 0.6 x 0.2 inch/4.9 oz/15-60 lbs

Orange: 81.9 x 0.9 x 0.2 inch/6.9 oz/35-110 lbs

Red: 81.9 x 1.4 x 0.2 inch/11.46 oz/50-135 lbs

Purple: 81.9 x 2.04 x 0.2 inch/15.52 oz/60-170 lbs

Why not take exercise now? WEKEFON can help you do better! –Enjoy Sport with friends, families, colleagues

* WEKEFON Resistance Bands can give you a better support and more ways to training your body, your all in one rehabilitation mobility and exercise bands.

* The Resistance Training Band is an essential tool for any general conditioning routine. Our professional pull up assistance bands ideal for beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts.

* Multi-Purpose, easy to use, can be integrated into any workout regime such as Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit Calisthenics or Freeletics Workout ect, to assist with pull ups, Stretching, dips and pushups, whether upper body, legs, abdominals, back, arm.

pull up bandspull up bands

exercise bandsexercise bands

WEKEFON Professional resistance bands of 5 different resistance levels –Upgraded to 170lbs/77.18kg Max (other’s only 125lbs max)

●Green(5-30 lbs): Low resistance for speed barbell training, warm-up, light stretching and shoulder mobility. Not recommended for pull-up assistance as the tension is minimal.

●Blue(15-60 lbs): Beginning medium resistance bands to mobility exercises and stretching . Perfect suited for high stretch training / stretching.

● Orange(35-110 lbs): Moderate to severe resistance for moderate fitness exercises, strength training and pull-up assistance. High tension for banded barbell speed work, but great for traditional band work.

●Red(50-135 lbs): Ideal for pull-up assistance band, Heavy resistance for heavy weight training, strong support in pull-ups. Perfect for speed and agility training such as push ups, bench presses, squats etc

●Purple(60-170 lbs): 170lbs Max (other’s only to 125lbs) Heavy duty pull-up assistance band, Great for experienced fitness enthusiasts advance banded barbell training, powerlifting or other exercises.

resistance band

resistance band

resistance bands set

resistance bands set

resistance bands

resistance bands

More Durable Design

Our resistance bands use adopt double layer special design without glue, integrated molding without seam.

Non-Toxic and Odorless Natural Latex

WEKEFON resistance bands are made from special natural rubber that is particularly elastic and odorless, and It is strong and have a very high level of stress, ideal for men and women use in sports and therapy

Great Gift Ideas

Our pull up bands kit absolutely meet everything you need, with gift box and carry bags, it is a great birthday gift, holiday present and anniversary gift ideal for your friends, families, colleagues and loved-one.

Enjoy sport in anywhere and anytime: home,office, school, business trips, vacations, hotel, gym

workout setworkout set

resistance bands

resistance bands

workout bands resistance

workout bands resistance

exercise bands

exercise bands

Muscle Strength and Pull up assistant

Use Them for Muscle Ups, Ring Dips, Push Ups and Powerlifting.

Effective for both upper and lower body training and can be used for a variety of strength, speed, flexibility exercises.During weightlifting, These crossfit bands can be used to overload the barand add resistance to exercises like the bench press, squat and dead lift.

Weight Loss & Build Your Best Body

Economical, Lightweight and Portable

Stretching resistance bands can added to any workout or fitness activity, intensifying the workout, glutes and legs and using resistance bands to tone muscles and burn fat, it is helpful to weight loss, make your body more attractive. With carry bag, just take it along with you to wherever you want.

Rehabilitation Exercises, Relieve The Joint Pain

The therapy bands is perfect for functional rehabilitation training, Choose the right resistance band to exercise, improve the self-care ability of the aged people, and it is ideal for the injured person to improve the muscle regeneration, flexibility and exercise ability to relieve the joint pain.

Natural Latex
【Single Band Safe length and Weight Limits-170lbs Max】 Green(2.6m, 30 lbs/13.62Kg), Blue(2.6m, 60lbs/27.24kg), Orange(3.1m, 115lbs/52.21kg), Red(3.1m, 135lbs), Purple(3.6m, 170lbs/77.18kg), We supply wider levels (170lbs Max) then other’s in the market(Other’s only 125lbs Max), So the pull up bands can meet more needs of workout for anyone, No matter you are beginners or experienced fitness enthusiasts.
【Economical & Environment & Durable】 This pull up bands are made of 100% natural latex and over 99.9% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens), High Quality Material Confirm the resistance bands can remain high elastic after years of training and exercising. Easily to get this 5 workout bands, almost save half price compared to others’ resistance band.
【Multifunctional and Safe】 Pull up assist bands offer effective training, Suitable for any workout, Our stretch bands are best for toning up your arms, chest, core, back, ABS, butt, legs or more all at once. Perfect for the muscle strength, enhances the body flexibility and resistance training with the mobility band, Also can be used for rehabilitation training & physical therapy & weight loss.
【Why Need Set of 5 Pull Up Assistance Bands】 Each exercise band offers different level of resistance, If you are a newbie, you need to start working out from the least resistance bands, As you get stronger you’ll need to lower the assistance to account for your new strength. Different fitness band are perfect for learning pull ups exercise, Powerlifting, Pilates, Mobility, Yoga, Stretching, Chin ups, Gymnastics, physical therapy, push-ups, barbell and dumbbell assist etc.
【Portable & Saving Space】 The Pull up resistance band are so compact that it practically does not even take up any space or weight, Come with a waterproof carry bag, So you can take them to anywhere you want, Workout at home, gym, office or even on the road. You can even hang them on a hook after your exercise, or coil them up to store in the carry bag.
【Suitable for Anyone Workout】 Our pull up assistance bands offer effective training, Come with 5 levels, these exercise bands will help you upgrade your fitness training from a newbie to a veteran. and The amount of resistance of the workout bands can be adjusted by giving more or less slack on the band, as well as by combining multiple workout band to increase the challenge, Start now and build your dream body!
【100% Satisfaction & Wonderful Gift】 What’s in the box: Set of 5 resistance bands; 1x Waterproof Carry Bag, 1x Workout Guide (Learning how to use the bands). We provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY and a FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY without any costs from your side. It’s a wonderful GIFT for you and your friends, family. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us via Amazon. We will do our best to provide perfect after-sale service for you!

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WEKEFON Pull Up Assist Bands 5-170lbs Thicker Heavy Duty Exercise Resistance Bands for Workout Body Stretch, Powerlifting, Training, Gyms, Crossfit Mobility Home Fitness Assistance Band – Set of 5


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