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Bungie introduced adjustments to Future 2’s slide and followers are pissed

Bungie revealed a number of recent adjustments coming to Future 2 final Thursday, and naturally, followers are pissed. However Future gamers aren’t mad that their favourite gun is getting nerfed or concerning the bevy of adjustments coming to numerous subclasses. No, Future gamers are mad about sliding adjustments.

Sliding is a lifestyle in Future 2. Whereas helpful in PvE for transferring rapidly and dodging bullets, it’s mostly seen in The Crucible, Future’s PvP mode. Sliding helps gamers transfer quick whereas reducing their profile, making it more durable for enemy Guardians to trace their actions. When paired with a shotgun, sliding turns into a robust software to shock somebody with a blast from the bottom.

In Future 2’s fifteenth season, beginning on Aug. 24, the slide’s effectiveness will change a bit. Whereas sliding, Guardians will lose a little bit of Stability for his or her weapons, they’ll flinch much more when taking injury, and their shotguns can have a wider unfold, lowering effectiveness. Whereas this could largely cut back shotgun sliding, followers have been shouting concerning the slide transfer in relation to a different, extra normal subject: talent.

Talent and talent expression is one thing that’s essential to Future 2’s high gamers. In a sport that doesn’t reward high-level gamers by letting them over-level content material like a standard MMO, displaying off talent is the one possible way for superior Future gamers to point out how a lot time they’ve put into enhancing.

With Bungie reigning in sliding — together with it firming down the motion talents for one of many sport’s most overpowered subclasses — a few of Future’s followers are crying foul.

Some followers have taken to Twitter to assault decrease talent gamers, suggesting that Bungie is solely dumbing the sport right down to make it extra accessible. The final sentiment from gamers who hate the change appears to be that “casuals” are ruining Future and forcing Bungie to cut back the talent hole. Or that Bungie is catering to the unskilled reasonably than investing in its most devoted gamers.

The change is divisive, and fuels one of many sport’s longest burning fires: talent vs. accessibility. Bungie appears to be attempting to make the sport friendlier for almost all of gamers who both don’t need to play as arduous as they presumably can each sport or can’t deal with the advanced inputs that include sliding into an engagement.

However gamers who love PvP and put the time in to get good at sliding within the first place really feel burned by Bungie’s transfer. What’s the purpose of getting good if Bungie received’t simply nerf your weapons, however your methods as properly?

Aztecross, a Future 2 content material creator that focuses closely on the Crucible, provides a great rationalization on your complete state of affairs and each views.

A lot of the frustration right here appears to stem from extra than simply slide change, however a normal philosophy change at Bungie that gamers see as going backwards. Initially of Future 2’s life, the sport was far slower than it’s as we speak, prompting Bungie to launch an replace known as “Go Quick” about six months after the sport’s launch.

All Future gamers, possible even those that are in favor of the slide adjustments, don’t need to see Future return to these slow-moving days. And a few see Bungie’s change to its slide mechanic and the motion discount to Dawnblade to be a slippery slope again to the darkish ages of Future 2.

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