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Breath of the Wild’s poison water is tremendous fascinating – Destructoid

Zelda Poison Water

It didn’t make it in, however somebody is investigating it

Waikuteru has been doing incredible work within the Zelda: Breath of the Wild sphere. It’s like each few months they uncover some cool scrapped mechanic, or they do a bigger dive into an current idea. This time they’re poison water (which drains well being): an interesting relic that was faraway from the sport, however put again in because of mods.

If you happen to contact the water, it drains your well being. Enemies additionally undergo injury from being in it, which might have created all kinds of wacky lure conditions in the actual recreation had it existed. Waikuteru even units up a lure for an NPC to stroll in, and witnesses a Hinox bathing within the poison water (which slowly takes injury from it, then abruptly dies).

As Waikuteru factors out, you’ll be able to’t use Cryonis on the poison water by default. Swimming physics do work as regular, and you should use a raft to sail on via it. To get this to work, the creator poisoned “choose spots” via modding, so this method can be utilized to craft all kinds of hazards in a customized model of the sport.

Because the video posits, there are a number of developer-made artifacts with the poison water, hinting that it was probably close to completed, however scrapped. It simply might have been restricted to just some perilous zones, however possibly they bumped into some type of technical subject and determined to desert it altogether (the best way the Hinox reacts to it hints at this). Or, possibly it’ll come again within the sequel!

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